Unaccredited Psychiatry Registrar /Psychiatry Resident (PGY2+)

The Melbourne Clinic

The Melbourne Clinic (TMC) is a dedicated metropolitan private psychiatric hospital and the largest in Australia. It is located in the heart of Richmond, not far from the city, and is well serviced by public transport.  In 2018-2019, the hospital underwent a major expansion and increased its inpatient bed numbers to 205. 

The Melbourne Clinic offers a wide range of therapeutic services. These include a stand-alone day program centre, an outreach service, substance detoxification and rehabilitation units, eating disorder inpatient and outpatient programs, EMDR, ECT, TMS, and offers the only inpatient group CBT OCD program in Australia. Over 200 doctors are accredited with the hospital. 

The hospital has provided high quality, patient-centred psychiatric care since opening in 1978 and has also enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the University of Melbourne. In 1995, the Professorial Unit was established as a joint collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Clinic. It provides high level clinical care to patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings, conducts research both locally and in partnership with international centres, and teaches registrars and medical students, including vocational electives for local and interstate students from AMC-accredited medical schools.

In 1995, The Melbourne Clinic had its first registrar, located in the Professorial Unit. This has since expanded to a cohort of ten registrars, located throughout the various units of the hospital, including the Professorial Unit, Old Age Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Eating Disorders. Most of the registrars are seconded from parent public hospitals and accredited RANZCP trainees, while a small number are unaccredited. The Melbourne Clinic forms part of the jurisdiction of the Victorian Northern Region within the RANZCP training program, and the Psychiatry Training Coordinator and the Executive Registrar are represented on this committee.

The Melbourne Clinic will offer 4 unaccredited psychiatry registrar/psychiatry resident positions in 2024, based predominantly in the Professorial Unit. The positions are inpatient-based. These positions have a high level of supervision with at least 3 consultant-led ward rounds per week and 1-hour separate supervision per week. This generally exceeds the level of supervision in equivalent public hospital positions. There is also guidance and mentoring provided by the more senior, accredited registrars, particularly the Executive Registrar of the Professorial Unit.

Inpatient duties include admitting general adult psychiatry patients with predominantly mood and anxiety disorders, performing physical examinations, ordering and following up investigations, dealing with medical issues within scope of practice, liaising with allied health and other medical professionals, obtaining collateral information, liaising with family and carers, presenting weekly at multidisciplinary team meetings, conducting ward round with consultants, writing discharge summaries, delivering a case presentation every six months at the Academic Forum, and teaching medical students. There is no expectation for travel as the position is completely onsite at The Melbourne Clinic. There is no outpatient component to this position. There is a limited weekend registrar on-call roster, supported by an on-call consultant psychiatrist. Remuneration and entitlements are per the current Victorian Doctors In Training EBA.

Educational Opportunities

The educational program is comprehensive in nature and provides an ideal starting point for junior doctors beginning their career in psychiatry. The educational program is revised yearly to accommodate the educational needs of changing cohorts. It currently consists of 7 interconnected components:


Direct one to one supervision of at least 1 hour/week with the primary supervisor is the backbone of our training program. This is equal to the level of supervision within the RANZCP training guidelines.


There are at least 3 ward rounds where both the consultant and registrar see the patients together. In addition to its obvious clinical utility, it gives the registrar opportunities to see the consultant interview and construct formulation, diagnosis and management plans, and vice versa. A lot of teaching also occurs "on-the-run" with clinical examples providing the basis for further discussion and reading.


Now in its 7th year in its current incarnation, and a successor of the old Postgraduate Education series, the Academic Forum is the hospital's Grand Round series and continues on a weekly basis throughout the school year, combining external and internal speakers and registrar case presentations. This culminates with Mind Games, a friendly competition quiz between teams of registrars and consultants.


TPP sees speakers present on core psychiatric syndromes, including eating disorders, ADHD, old age psychiatry and addiction psychiatry.


Started in 2021, CJC is a fortnightly tutorial where registrars discuss a classic journal article, focussing on three questions. 1. What was the context of this article? 2. What was the author trying to say? 3. Is this article still relevant today? The topics range from Cade, Andreasen, Freud, Feighner, Rosenhan, and STAR*D. This series is senior registrar-led.


This tutorial/lecture series focusses on core clinical skills, including interview skills, formulation, and management planning. This series is consultant-taught.


Registrars are encouraged to use their 5 hours of protected study time to attend a FEC. This provides a solid theoretical background. This is mandatory for RANZCP trainees. We are also seeing increasing numbers of unaccredited registrars undertaking FEC prior to entering trainees. In Victoria, many will undertake the Master of Psychiatry at UOM, which is available online and is a 3 year degree.

From 18 May 2023 onwards, we welcome applications from doctors who have AHPRA general registration as medical practitioners or will obtain this in January 2024. Candidates should ideally be PGY2+ medical officers who are not yet part of the RANZCP training program, but are aiming to enter the program the following year and are looking to get experience and familiarity with the role of a psychiatry registrar.

Please contact Dr Joel King, Director of Psychiatry Training, at SalisburyAdmin@healthscope.com.au.

Please prepare in advance and have the following ready to submit:

  • A covering letter outlining your rationale for your application as an unaccredited psychiatry registrar at The Melbourne Clinic, and your past experience in psychiatry.
  • Current CV, with AHPRA registration number, phone number, and email/phone details of 3 referees (clinical consultant with fellowship of a specialist college, including the RACGP; or senior medical academic equivalent to or higher than Australian Level C Senior Lecturer or US Associate Professor. Please list all post-nominal qualifications of referees)
  • A copy of your academic transcript

Applications that do not contain the above information may not be considered.

For any enquiries contact:

Dr Joel King
Director of Psychiatry Training
Professorial Unit
The Melbourne Clinic
130 Church Street
Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: (03) 9426 2111
Email: SalisburyAdmin@healthscope.com.au

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