Addictive Behaviours Day Program


Who is this program for?

This program is designed for individuals who experience problems with misuse of alcohol, drugs, gambling or any problematic addictive behaviour.


How will it help me?

The Addictive Behaviours Day Program uses psycho-education, as well as mindfulness and acceptance skills to help clients with a range of difficulties including cravings and urges. A key emphasis within group sessions is upon Interpersonal Group Therapy. Interpersonal Group Therapy enables people to be open and transparent about the challenges of addiction as well as their own patterns of behaviour. The level of safety experienced in this format through a non-judgmental and affirming environment enables participants to explore their interpersonal relationship and the impact of their addiction and behaviour. The depth of discussion that results often leads to significant changes in thinking and behaviour that flows on to impact their wider world and recovery.


When does it run?

This program runs three days per week 9:20am-3pm and on one evening per week 5:30pm-8:45pm.

CLICK HERE to view the Day Program Timetable for Addictive Behaviours.


How do I get involved?

Admission to a Day Program requires a referral from a Melbourne Clinic accredited psychiatrist. A referral from your GP requesting an initial consultation with one of our Psychiatrists could be your first step. Click here to view the referral process.


Private Health Insurance - Are you covered?

Let us make it easy for you - Call us to find out whether your current policy covers you fully for treatment at The Melbourne Clinic. We will ask you a few questions and do the rest so you can proceed with peace of mind. Call us on (03) 8416 3800 to find out more.


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