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Let’s start here to give you some background. The Day Program at The Melbourne Clinic provides an opportunity for anyone over the age of 18 to receive help for a broad range of emotional or mental health conditions. Weekly group sessions incorporate the latest evidence based educational and therapeutic practices in a welcoming and supportive environment. 


Yes, it is! Our primary focus is helping you make this first step and then supporting you to develop the strategies you need to achieve your goals. Our broad range of evidence-based psycho-educational and therapeutic groups exist to help you learn and grow in your recovery. Why do we say grow? Because this journey of recovery is also a journey of your own self-growth, helping you open up more doorways to a richer life with more life-enhancing opportunities.

This is a great question! And one we often get asked. Making the decision to seek help for an emotional or mental health issue can be a daunting prospect. Yet our clients often remark how meeting people going through similar struggles is hugely beneficial for their recovery. Our feedback forms suggest that engaging with others in Day Programs can be a life changing experience through the unique shared learning and experience that happens in group therapy. And this is our hope for you, should you wish to enrol with us.

Group sessions form the foundation for all psychotherapy in Day Programs. Through group therapy, you will take part in sessions aimed at building upon your strengths and capabilities while connecting with and supporting one another. The group process is a dynamic one. Facilitators begin by provide the latest evidence based psycho-education and psychotherapy skills. The safety of the group environment enables you to then practice these skills to help you apply them later in your own context and relationships. Group sessions therefore provide a powerful catalyst for your recovery and self-growth, all paving the way for positive change.

Our groups usually range from 8-12 participants. Each group is facilitated by two mental health professionals. Our qualified Allied Health professionals include psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, nurses, psychiatrists and exercise physiologists. Groups are available on different days and times designed to complement your schedule.

Most groups offer a variety of times available:

  • 9:20am - 3pm - full day
  • 1:20pm - 7pm - full day
  • 5:30pm - 8:45pm - after hours for workers and students

An up-to-date Program Schedule is maintained on this website with a summary of group topics and dates.

Let us do the work here! All participants undergo an initial assessment by an intake clinician who will speak to you about what groups may suit your needs as well as what your treatment goals may be. From that assessment a collaborative treatment plan is developed and your group booking secured.

An admission to day programs requires a referral from a Melbourne Clinic accredited psychiatrist. A referral from your GP requesting an initial consultation with one of our Psychiatrists could be your first step.

Private health insurance is recommended. WorkSafe compensation also covers some programs.

All groups include a 15-30 minute catered light meal break. Regular, vegetarian and vegan options are provided as well as tea, coffee and juice.

Day Programs is located at 15/2 Bromham Place, Richmond close to The Melbourne Clinic. Car parking is accessible next to The Melbourne Clinic main reception on Tweedie Place - from there it's just a short walk to Day Programs. Parking is $5 with a validated ticket through main reception. Please validate your ticket as soon as you arrive as reception is unattended after 8pm. There is also local parking available.

For further information or to schedule an assessment, please contact: Day Program Intake on (03) 8416 3800 or select ‘Contact Us’ on the page below and someone will get back to you promptly.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to meeting you at the Day Program.

Psychotherapy Groups

For further information on specific day programs, please click on the corresponding link below.

Day Programs Suitable for Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression Management

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Foundations

Acceptance anf Commitment Therapy (ACT) Creatively

ACT in Practice and ACT Graduates

Deepening Mindfulness

Mindful Self-Compassion


Day Programs for Emotional Dysregulation, Trauma and PTSD

Emotion Management Day Program

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Graduates

Supporting Trauma & Recovery

PTSD 000 for Emergency Service Workers


Day Programs for Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders

Addictive Behaviours Day Program

Eating Disorders Day Program


Day progams for OCD and ADHD

OCD Day Program

ADHD Day Program



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