Information for GPs

Intake Clinician will require:

  • Patient’s name
  • Address
  • Contact numbers
  • Health insurance details
  • Date of Birth
  • Outline current issues
  • Current regime
  • Previous treatments
  • Any risk history or potential risk factors
Fax referral letter to: 9420 9351
Referrals for Admission: Intake clinician will contact duty psychiatrist, registrar or manager of specialist program to discuss referral.

Intake clinician will contact patient
Any additional information will be obtained
(including current risk assessment) and the patient
will be informed of the outcome of their health fun check

Intake clinician will discuss with referrer
Suitability of referral according to entry criteria of program
Patient’s health insurance status

If admission criteria is met and psychiatrist is willing to admit:
Patient will be contacted to arrange admission time.
Referring doctor will be notified of patient’s admission date
and their treating psychiatrist

Following patient discharge, a medical discharge
summary will be sent to the referrer

      Fax referral letter to 03 9420 9351

      Attention - Outpatient Referrals Coordinator
      Address Referral to: ‘Dear Doctor at The Melbourne Clinic’

      Referrals should include:

      • Patient’s name
      • Address
      • Contact numbers
      • Date of Birth
      • Outline diagnosis
      • Current issues
      • Previous treatments
      • Current regime

      If you would like to discuss the Referral further
      Phone the Outpatient Referral Coordinator on
      03 9487 4631 during business hours or 0407 054 370
      (If there is no answer please leave a brief message and your call will be returned)

      The allocated Consultant Psychiatrist’s secretarywill contact the patient and referring doctorwith the appointment details

      Specialist Directory:

      For a look at our Specialist Directory, please click here.


      Accredited psychiatrist referral form
      GP Referral form - Eating Disorder Program
      GP Referral form - Eating Disorder Program (Fillable PDF)
      Referral form - Community Outreach Program
      Referral form (Fillable PDF) - Day Program and Community Outreach

      Referral processes:
      Referral process for inpatient admission
      Obtaining an outpatient appointment with a psychiatrist

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