Addictive Behaviours Program

The programs aim to comprehensively address and understand the person in the context of their environment in relation to physical, emotional, relational and spiritual dimensions of addiction

Substitution Pharmacotherapy can be discussed with your treating doctor as part of your treatment.

All programs focus on behavioural and psychological underlying factors to a person’s addiction allowing the person to take responsibility for their own recovery in a respectful setting.

Access to program:

For admission to the Addiction services program you will require a referral from your General Practitioner.

Once you have a referral please contact the Intake Department at The Melbourne Clinic on (03) 9420 9340.

Once a referral for Rehab is received, you will be contacted by the Coordinator to arrange an assessment time. Pre-admission assessments can be performed via telephone, or face-to-face, if this is convenient or your case is more complex. If you are a currently and inpatient undertaking detox, please discuss the potential for straight transfer to Rehab with your treatment Doctor and the Unit Manager. Bear in mind that several factors can influence this, such as ward capacity and the complexities of individual cases.

Our dedicated intake team will complete pre-admission paperwork and assist you in booking in for an assessment appointment with an appropriate addiction specialist.

From here, admission can be arranged, through the Intake Department, when a bed is available.

The detoxification stream runs from 7 to 10 days, which can be affected by the restrictions of your health fund.

The rehabilitation stream runs for 28 days.

Every health fund operates differently, so you will need to discuss this with your provider whether they cover psychiatric alcohol and drugs services, and any out of pocket expenses that could be incurred.

Should you need to upgrade your level of cover, to accommodate the program, some health funds require a two month waiting period.

Following your assessment, and admission is deemed suitable, a date will be allocated, and pre-admission paperwork completed.

On the day of admission, contact the Intake Department, in the morning, to establish your admission time.

For those coming to rehab, due to the volume of patients coming through the program, there is often a waiting list.

However, peoples’ circumstances do change, allowing places to become available earlier than originally planned, thus an earlier admission is possible.

You will be updated by the coordinator should be this be the case.

Your care is provided in a 24 bed unit, which caters for detox and rehab clients.

Your addiction Doctor will supervise your care, together with a multidisciplinary team comprised of nurses, counsellors, social workers, and an exercise physiologist.

Should it be necessary, other disciplines can be called upon to assist in your care, if it is appropriate.

Day to day living in the program:

At The Melbourne Clinic, we understand the complexity of an individual’s clinical needs. Therefore, our program aims to comprehensively address a person’s addiction in context of their physical, emotional, relational and spiritual dimensions.

All programs focus on the underlying behavioural and psychological factors, which can contribute to a person’s addiction, thereby allowing the individual to take responsibility for their own recovery.

Apart from talking therapies, Substitution Pharmacotherapy can be discussed, in consultation with your treating doctor, as part of your treatment, during and beyond your stay.

As it is acknowledged that many people, with an addiction, have underlying psychological and mental health issues, The Melbourne Clinic is in a unique position to provide consultancy and continuing care, following people from inpatient through to outpatient programs.

This can include access to Day Programs, on a Monday and Wednesday, and an Outreach Service, for follow up in the community, and referral to a psychiatrist.

When is lights out time?
We like lights to be out at 11.00PM, during the week, and 12.00AM, at the weekend, as patients are required to wake promptly at 7.30AM, to participate in the program.

Do I need to attend groups?
The groups are an integral part of our program, and, by agreeing to an inpatient stay, you are required to attend all aspects of treatment. Clients can be excluded from groups during the early stages of withdrawal, if this is preventing engagement, but are encouraged to participate when ready.

Can I smoke?
There are designated smoking in the outside areas of the hospital.

Can I have leave from the program?
Leave from the program is determined on an individual basis, and can be negotiated with your doctor, should it be deemed appropriate. There is no leave for the first seven days of rehab.


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