Who is the program for? 

The Older Persons’ Program is for individuals who have or who develop, a mental illness later in life. Focusing on patients aged 65 years and over, the program carefully considers the interactions between the psychological, physiological and social effects of the aging process.

How will it help me? 

The older persons program is staffed by psychiatrists and nurses who are well-respected leaders in the delivery of care to older persons.  Participants of this program will experience a multidisciplinary approach to their care in a sensitive, caring and safe environment.

The unit adopts a best practice approach to mental healthcare and offers individual and group programs. Participation in the various elements of the program aims to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Participants will learn strategies to reduce relapse and prolong periods of mental wellbeing and through the effective management of symptoms. 

We also acknowledge the central role of families and carers in developing appropriate care plans led by a multidisciplinary team. 

  • A Clinical Director leads the unit and a team of consultant psychiatrists who specialise in Older Persons’ Psychiatry
  • A senior psychiatric registrar is an integral part of the assessment, treatment and discharge of patients.
  • A visiting geriatrician will manage ongoing medical issues
  • Structured group activities conducted by multidisciplinary clinicians aim at enhancing treatment outcomes
  • Discharge planning includes regular family/carer conferences
  • An Outreach Service is can assist in ongoing patient management following discharge.

When does the program run?

The inpatient older persons program runs on an ongoing basis. 

Please also see ‘More Information’ below for details on Outreach Services.

How do I access the program?

A referral from your GP or Psychiatrist is required. A referral letter can be faxed to The Melbourne Clinic’s Intake service for triage. The fax number for intake is (03) 9420 9351. 

Patients must be over the age of 65 years to be admitted to the Older Person’s Program

Please click HERE for further details on the referral process 

More information?

•    Inpatient Older Person’s Program - Click HERE for brochure 
•    Outreach Services – Click HERE 

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