Who is the program for? 

The Young Adult Emotion Management Program offers a specialised two-week inpatient program for young adults aged 17-24 years and includes parent/carer involvement. This program is designed to help young adults develop skills to manage intense emotions and better cope with periods of distress. This distress may be impacting their quality of life, relationships and self-worth and may result in chronic impulsive, suicidal or self-harming behaviours.  This program is suitable for young adults who are not in crisis or experiencing severe symptoms.   

How will it help me? 

The treatment approach draws from therapeutic principles of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). The program consists of multiple daily groups from Monday to Friday as well as two, 30 minute individual sessions per week and weekly information parent/carer evenings. Skills groups will focus on mindfulness, crisis intervention and distress tolerance skills, emotion regulation and interpersonal skills. The program also includes sessions such as mindful exercise, music therapy, art therapy, and occupational therapy.

When does it run? 

This two-week inpatient Young Person’s Program runs at designated times throughout the year. Please call (03) 9420 9340 to find out the next admission date.

Please also see ‘More Information’ below for details on Outreach Services.

How do I access the program?

A referral from your GP or Psychiatrist is required. Please note that an assessment by a private psychiatrist accredited with TMC is required prior to a referral being processed. A referral letter can be faxed to The Melbourne Clinic’s Intake service for triage. The fax number for intake is (03) 9420 9351.

Please click HERE for further details on the referral process 

More information?

  • Inpatient Emotion Management Program - Click HERE for brochure 
  • Outreach Services – Click HERE 


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